Mediah Region Unlocked

  • +1,000 New Quests.
  • Added new Guild Missions, including Guild Bosses.
  • New NPCs with knowledge and Amity Rewards.
  • New weapons and armor, including the Grunil Set.
  • New world boss, Kzarka, has been added.

Crimson Battlefield

The Crimson Battlefield is a special island where players are divided into two teams to fight for 20 minutes in a 40 vs 40 deathmatch.

  • Players stats (ATK & DEF) will be adjusted to meet the minimum requirement if the player’s stats are below the threshold.
  • All participants receive a +1,000 HP bonus while in the battlefield.
  • If the sum of both teams score is over 200 and the difference in score between both teams is greater than 30% the losing side will receive an additional HP Buff of +500 (Total +1,500)
  • Players can enter the Crimson Battlefield via their Black Spirit or once they have done that by hitting ESC and clicking the Crimson Battlefield button.
  • Players earn points by killing enemy players.