Who Are We?

Darkness is Everywhere [DiE] is a hardcore PvP Guild launched in 1999 with a glorious history in MMO Gaming.

We strive to have round the clock gaming coverage with our members from all around the world, we are predominately based in the Oceanic and North American regions.

Our History

D!E, as we were originally known, was formed initially on the Pacific Ultima Online Shard by Broo and shortly led to our merging with D*A, then run by our current Guild Leader Moon, while on the Mystic Peaks TUS UO Server in the lead up to the launch of the Oceania Server.
UO was a lot of fun for D!E and still holds great memories for the guild as the our crucible of fire, the first MMO we cut our teeth on. We fought many great guilds in UO and made many allies as well as enemies but most notably -E- and One were great rivals.

Since then we have played countless games but our focus has always remained MMOs. After UO we moved to DAoC as Hibernian's on the Palomides server where we continued to prove our dominance. DAoC was a great game for D!E and we achieved much recognition as a skillful, tactical guild in open field PvP. One of our greatest moments was to be the first guild on our server to take a relic. The 30 hour operation required the full dedication of the guild and was a testament to the culture of success that D!E prides itself on.
After DAoC we played TUS servers here and there before the guild moved to WoW. Unfortunately WoW offered little in regards to our prefered play style and the guild moved onto Age of Conan for a short time.

Our most successful game however, and the one where we regained our lost infamy was WAR which we played together for several years until dropping populations, class imbalances and Rift unfortunately tempted us away. WAR was very successful for DiE and we went on to dominate the Oceanic PvP server Anlec as Destruction to the point that ourselves and our only stiff competition on Order (The Elite) moved to Darklands and formed an alliance to help balance the server.
Once the Oceanic servers shutdown the guild moved to the US Server Volkmar where Aelith, Cuddles and Marx continued to lead the guild and make a major impact on RvR during their time zone.

We launched Guild Wars 2 on theHenge ofDenravi server as part of the Titan Alliance. The goal of Titan Alliance was to be the most dominant alliance in GW2. We earned an undefeated 30-0 record, whilst fighting at the top tier virtually the entire time. We battled alongside such greatness asPRX, Condemned, The Elite,DtD, Synapse, GIN,Yakisoba andRMA.
Titan was a perfect 7-0 vs the servers of Ascension Alliance and 7-0 vs Stormbluff Isle. After just a few short months, Titan disbanded to help create an even playing field and split onto multiple servers.
On the 8th of October 2012, we choose Blackgate as our destination with a few other ex-Titan guilds and started our journey from the tier 3 server. In the space of just 2 full week of pairings, we hit tier 1. Soon after (16th of November 2012) we continued our battle on the Sea of Sorrows server, where we eventually seccumb to a critical level of member attrition. It was sometime over the New Year period where we no longer hungered for the blood of our enemies on the battlefield and we stepped back into the shadows as we awaited our next game.
Our final records have us at 50 Tier 1 games: 39 Wins and 11 Losses.

In 2014, coinciding with the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online we began our new campaign. Moon led the troops, becoming one of the most highly regarded leaders in the game. Such was our fame, we began to lure many NA players to our cause. Dressed in skeleton costume, DiE went on to dominate the campaigns. Feared on the battlefield and renown for their clever tactics and ability to crown Emporer after Emporer.
The game however lacked the longevity as we have seen with recent MMO's. In 2015 we decided to hang up the DiE name and wait for a new challenge.

Our Recent Activity


We are currently involved in Alpha / Beta testing of Camelot Unchained. There are no 'active' guild games currently, however there are small pockets of members playing in some of the recent and new popular games.

Our Future

We have one main game on our radar:
  • Camelot Unchained: A 3 faction based but still sandboxy game.

General Recruiting Notes:

1) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?
We are not super hardcore anymore but still take our gaming pretty seriously so we maximize our fun to playtime ratio. Having said that some of our members still play pretty hard.
2) What is your guild's play style?
We are predominately a PvP Guild and we like to be very strategic in our play style which has held us in good stead in the past. We will partake in PvE as a means to achieve optimal gear or as the game requires it.
3) What are the goals of the guild?
To be super competitive skill and strategy wise and continue our long standing tradition of structured game play.
4) How is the guild rank structure set up?
We have three GM's but ultimate guild leadership ends with the founder (Moon). The two other GM's act as equal 2ic's. We have most core as officers for squad command, Veterans as previous game members and regular members who have completed a 3+ month satisfactory initiation. New members are our recruit rank.
5) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?
Yes we are always recruiting in an effort to build and maintain a PvP centric community looking to move to any MMO style game that offers in particular a Guild v Guild style PvP structure. Any good players who can follow orders are welcome to apply. If you are not a team player or cannot follow orders do not bother applying.
6) Do I have to play a certain class once I'm accepted?
If the situation warranted it yes. However, prior to any launch of a game we usually conduct a voting poll and a self nomination period. This allows members to see how everyone is tracking and ensures we get a balanced representation.
7) Additional note:
Our emphasis when we approach any guild called game is to be as competitive and unpredictable as possible in open WvW/RvR/GvG structures and maintain a strict chain of command. We have a fun but bloodthirsty attitude on the battlefield and relish the 'good' fights when we get them. If your passion is all about smashing your enemies and being the best you can be, then DiE is the place for you!

Bullet Points and Achievements

    • Over a decade of Gaming History, Focusing on PvP and RvR Campaigns
    • Very Organised and Strategic Guild with a Solid Long Term Core & Command Structure
    • First Guild to Solo Relic on Palomides (DAoC)
    • First Guild to Reach Guild Rank Cap (GR40) on Darklands & 3rd World Wide (WAR)
    • Ex-Titan Alliance Core Member & Undefeated 30-0 Record in WvW (GW2)
    • Major Games Include UO 99-02, DAoC 01-03, WoW 04-08, WAR 09-11, GW2 12-13 & TESO 14-15.

    • To Get Signed Up, Apply Here

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